Lightworkers of old

What are Lightworkers?


Lightworkers are entities (people if will) who devote themselves to serving light (the will of Grace).  There are entire races of lightworkers in the universe (example: Venusian (angels), Dragon, Poe, Samarian). Generally the evolution of a race beyond the third dimension means they transcend duality, and thus choose light (or unfortunately it's opposite, dark). Lightworkers work on all planes of existence, and there really is a vast network that collectively works as one mind. We are one and we are the universe working together to manifest the perfect reflection on all dimensions of GRACE.

Earth has chosen to be light, and it is due to transcend the third dimension in the near future. Humans, have to evolve with there planet and there isn't much time. That is the reason for so many lightworkers on this planet from so many places in the cosmos. Most of us are on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humans, to bring in love and light, and a better understanding of the universe as a whole.

Every lightworker here, brings with them a unique piece of the universe to the Earth. We bring to earth as lightworkers from our region that piece of the universe. The diversity of all our knowledge and wisdom from our core contentiousness. A lot of us are incarnated in this human race, all the things here we are prone to, just like everyone else. Those lightworkers here who have awakened work to further the great mission. Just because we choose light, and work for light doesn't mean we are not susceptible to all the pitfalls, distractions, and everything else plaguing the world today. We came here to make it better, so that means we have to experience it, to know how it truly is.  Because of that, you have surely interacted with lightworkers without ever realising it. Lightworkers are found in all aspects of life, working to bring peace, harmony and love to humans. Someone like your old college buddy that introduced you to your future spouse, or the stranger who helped you pick out the perfect wedding invitations at the store could have been a lightworker. We are everywhere and involved in all aspects of life, from big things like matching two souls together or presiding over a wedding ceremony
to small things like helping someone send friends and family just the right message in their wedding invitations.

Think of it as a big family circle of light. The commonality of lightworkers is the will of Grace. Bringing knowledge here is a key factor in the perpetuation of the enlightenment of the whole, and it's consequent evolution. There are many functions to serving light as a lightworker, and these are just a few. Some of us came here to transmute human karma, to awaken others, to wage war on darkness, to heal, and many many other things. Grace usually sends in the best qualified for specific jobs. The universe is like a tapestry, and each one of us is merely a thread in the fabric.

The upper dimensions are literally packed with lightworkers here for the assention. There are multidimensional spaceships ready for first contact. There are also a multitude of incarnated physical lightworkers channeling the Placidians, arch-angels, and others who have one of the main roles of transformation to our earth and human race.

Lightworkers: as Warriors for light

We are here to fight the darkness. We have an active contentious role in ridding the planet of the dark ones as their time to be here has passed. We have gained the right to be here through previous incarnations where we are not aware of who we are. We lived just as everyone else to gain this right. We now work to overcome duality and darkness and to transcend the earth and her inhabitants into the upper dimensions. Yes, warriors for light take up their swords of light in order to fight the darkness.

Lightworkers: as monks and priests

If the warriors play the conscious role here as lightworkers in the name of Grace, then the monks and priests play the subconscious role. The do a lot of the behind the scenes work and especially infuse the collective human consciousness with a growing higher vibration among other things. As we bring that piece of the universe which is ours, we give it freely to the earth and the humans here. We bring every tool needed for assention.

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Having an open heart and mind along filling yourself with light makes every situation clear and in a higher vibration.